Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough is the journey a pokemon player has to pass through to explore and complete the battles. His challenges increase along with his journey from city to city. Players have many paths, freedom, and direction to move, however, the best way to complete the challenges is to follow the following order in this article. This will save you time, and energy and build your trust in the game.

pokemon infinite fusion walkthrough

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough

Beginning Your Journey From Pallet Town

You will get a start from Pallet Town. Get a DNA splicer from any Pokemart. When you receive your starter and DNA splicer, head north to Viridian City.

Viridian City to Pewter City

When you land in Viridian City, you will face some introductory battles. Continue your journey toward the Viridian Forest. Now this place is good for testing your initial fusions and catching some new pokemon. While continuously heading north to Pewter City, your first Gym battle will occur against Brock, a rock-type specialized pokemon. To get an easy victory over Brock, do not forget to get a pokemon with an advantage over Rock types.

Pewter City to Cerulean City

After your first victory Brock in Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough, turn eastward to Mt.Moon. A cave, at the end of Mt. Moon, is full of Ground and Rock-type Pokemon. For the first time, you’ll face Team Rocket in the game. After defeating them you’ll yield a fossil Pokemon, and catch it to revive in Cinnabar Island. Continue eastward heading will lead you toward Cerulean City where you will face Water-type Gym Leader, Misty.

Cerulean City to Vermillion City

After defeating Misty, your lengthy path journey towards the south will bring many battles for you.  The southward path will lead you to Vermillion City, after reaching Vermillion you’ll have to head toward S.S. Anne to defeat your rival before challenging the Gym leader. After this battle, your next contest is with the Electric-type Gym Leader, Lt. Surge.

Vermillion City to Celadon City

From Vermillion City, your next stop is Celadon City, to reach there head west. Celadon City is considered the home of Erika, a Grass Type Gym Leader. We recommend here to explore the city before challenging the gym. Check out the Department Store to stock up the items and upgrade your gear.

Vermillion City to Celadon City

Celadon City to Fuchsia City

Your Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough is going fine, continue your journey toward the south from Celadon City. While traveling south, you will come across several locations especially crossing Cycling Road. The journey is full of battles with various trainers and wild pokemon. The road will end in Fuchsia City, Challenge Koga after reaching, the Poison-type Gym Leader.

The Rest of Your Journey

Your Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough becomes more free and open-ended here. Still, you have to defeat four Gym leaders and conquer Pokemon League. Over the course of this challenging journey, you need to be prepared and upgraded. Stay stocked up and continue experimenting with your fusions to pass through the ever-challenging journey.

Fuchsia City to Saffron City

Again Head north towards Saffron City which you’ve crossed while heading towards Fuchsia City. Team Rocket controls the Saffron City, you’ll need to attack their base in the Silph Co. Building. Passing through various floors of the building, teleport pads, and defeating the Boss of Team Rocket, you can approach two gyms of Saffron City. The two gems are the Fighting-type gym Fighting Dojo and the Psychic-type gym led by Sabrina.

Fuchsia City to Saffron City

Saffron City to Cinnabar Island

Next, your Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough will land on Cinnabar Island which is southward of Saffron City. To find the Fire-type gym Blaine  Key explore the Pokemon Mansion. The mansion contains many wild pokemon and tricky puzzles, so you need to remain active and well-prepared for the challenge. When you succeed in finding Blaine’s key, Challenge Blaine to get 7the gym badge. Now it is time to revive your fossil Pokemon, find it from your local research lab.

Cinnabar Island to Viridian City

Now head back to Viridian City. Now you can challenge the gym, led by Team Rocket boss Giovanni, who is absent now. This is a Ground Type gym under the leadership of Giovanni himself. Now your main storyline Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough is complete.

The Pokemon League

To take on the Pokemon League you need eight badges, finally you have these. This challenge needs a five-powerful trainers gauntlet which includes Elite Four and Champion. To participate in the Pokemon League you need a powerful yet diverse team and many items on your bucket list. Don’t forget to heal and save during battles and try everything you got.

Pokemon League

Post-Game Activities

The above Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough journey is the main storyline of the game, however, completing the discussed walkthrough does not mean you are done with the game. Various post-game activities are also equally important to master the game. Pokemon infinite Fusion is the second name of exploration, so this is never never-ending journey be ready.

Legendary Hunting

Hunting legendary Pokemon is a post-game activity and it is best to do it now. You need a sudden and significant boost in your team, so hunting the pokemon with powerful moves and superior stats will be helpful. You can yield some formidable creatures in a true sense by hunting some fused legendary pokemon.

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower tests your powers and your team’s strengths. It is a series of difficult battles with unlimited rewards.  It helps you to earn powerful TMs and rare items. Test your all strategies and skills for your team in Battle Tower, which turns be a challenging post-game activity after the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough.

Exploring Unvisited Areas

In the main storyline, often players are busy confronting only relevant challenges that help them to pass through neglecting many unvisited areas.  You might missed exploring many important areas including islands, secret paths, and caves that might contain valuable items and rare Pokemon.  So take it as a post-game activity and explore them all.

Breeding and Trading

The main storyline of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough helps to explore most of the things in the game. After completing the main challenges of the game you should try breeding Pokemon to generate perfect fusions or consider trading fused pokemon with other players to complete your Pokedex.


The Pokemon Infinite Fusion walkthrough is a never-ending adventure, you can rematch with most of the trainers. Battle with Gym Leaders and Elite again in the post-game activity. Battling with stronger teams is a great opportunity to test your composition and strategies. Your team becomes more trained and skillful in these battles.

Preparing for the Future

Pokemon Infinite Fusion game has a vibrant community that is very helpful and interactive all the time.  There are passionate developers to discover and develop new content such as new challenges and pokemon fusions. The top-notch and trained teams will make you confident about all the events.

In a nutshell, this was a complete guide to the Pokemon Infinite Fusion walkthrough. This guide will help you begin your journey and master your journey. What you need to do as a post-game activity. All cities, coming journey. Enjoy your journey in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game.

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