Pokemon Infinite Fusion Latest Version 6.2 Download ROM : Official Game

Pokemon Infinite Fusion download files are available, this is one stop for all files.




Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM

PokemonInfinite Fusion Installer.zip (LightWeight)


Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer ( (by Megaman)


Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs

Full Sprite pack 1-102 (May 2024)


Full Sprite pack 1-101 (April 2024)


Full Sprite pack 1-100 (March 2024)


Pokemon Infinite Fusion Preloaded Sprites (old)


Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer


Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mobile

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mobile (joiplay) Latest


Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.0 for Linux Mac

Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.0.5 macOS


Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.2 Download

If you are a Pokemon Infinite Fusion enthusiast and need only one platform from where you can download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion game with complete guidance and downloading material you are at the right place. We welcome you to the page of Pokemon Infinite Fusion download page of the official website of Pokemon Infinite Fusion download website.

Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion for PC (Windows), Android Phones, Mac, and iPhone here. Enjoy the stunning features of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game which helps you both ways, whether you are a veteran Pokemon lover or a newbie in the game. Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.2 is a community-based game that makes it possible to fix all the issues and bugs in record time. You can find installation guides and fixes for all issues over here.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM

Download and play Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM for all types of devices here which is a fan-made ROM of Pokemon games. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Rom allows you to combine the sprites, types, moves, and abilities of two different Pokémon to create a unique hybrid. This way makes users explore new gameplay mechanics and engaging combinations they can come up with. Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.1 is the latest version of the game. Download  Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s Latest Version here.

Please stay on this page while downloading the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Rom.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download For Windows (PC)

Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion for PC below to play and enjoy the Windows-based system. There are a total of 02 installers available to download, all are in .zip form and you need to extract them before installing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer. These 3 installers differ in features, compatibility, and user interface so you can download your desired one.

How to install PokemonInfinite Fusion Installer (LightWeight)

  • Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installers by clicking the above download button.
  • You will find the  “InfiniteFusion.zip”  file in the downloads folder of your device.
  • Extract the file.
  • After extracting open the folder, click “INSTALL_or_update.bat” and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • The first time the Game will be launched automatically.
  • Your Installation is complete now.
  • After closing whenever you need to access the game click “/infinitefusion-e18/Game.exe.

How to install the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App (Graphically): by Megaman

  • Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer 2.9.3 (by Megaman) from the above download button.
  • Wait on this page until the download completion.
  • Navigate to the download folder and find .zip file, right-click on it, and extract it.
  • Click PokemonInfiniteFusionInstaller.exe.

How to Install the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game

  • Open the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer.
  • Click on the  Install Button or Click Installation Menu and then Install Game.
  • Click the browse button to locate where you want to install the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game.
  • A folder named  InfiniteFusionGame is automatically created for your ease.
  • It is recommended that you install the game on your Desktop owing to read/write access.
  • Click on the Install Game button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After installation, the “Install Game” button will be turned into the “Play” button.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs

  • Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs below.
  • Install this installer on your PC, it will install the Pokemon Sprites in your game folder.
  • You don’t need to download more sprites from other sources for the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game. Be relaxed, your job of thousands of downloads and clicks is already done.
  • These sprites packs include the monthly release sprites and you will get it well before their release.

How to Update Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs

  • Download the latest Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites pack by visiting our website.
  • Copy the “Custombattlers” folder from the pack and paste it into the “graphics” folder of your game. This will replace and mix the sprites in the existing “Custombattlers” folder.
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download
  • Now launch your game again it will automatically organize all the required files inside the folder for you.
  • When you launch the game, a pop-up window will appear to ask you whether you want to use new sprites instead of older ones.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download For Mobile

Nowadays no game can exist longer until they develop their mobile version. Mobiles are easy to carry with you while traveling or moving. So you can enjoy your beloved game Pokemon Infinite Fusion everywhere.  Download below the latest version of pokemon Infinite Fusion for mobile here and enjoy the game on your Android phone. Follow this download and installation guide to play the game on your mobile.

Requirements:- To play Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you must have Joiplay Emulator’s latest version and RPG Maker plugin downloaded from their Patreon page. You can find it here. Remember that Joiplay downloaded from the app store will not help you to run the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game.

Dynamic Version: We recommend you download the dynamic version of the game for your mobile. As you know thousands of Pokemon Sprites can clutter your phone gallery and you won’t find your data back. 

Optimization: Keep in mind that the game can only be played on mobile with Joiplay, it’s not specifically optimized for mobile devices.

Installing the Game

  • Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion for mobile from the above button.
  • Find the “InfiniteFusion.zip” and extract it.
  • Open the folder navigate to “INSTALL.bat” and click on it.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and the game will be launched automatically.
  • Next time always click on “/infinitefusion-e18/Game.exe.” to launch the game.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.0 for Linux Mac

How to update Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game

There is the simplest way of updating the game on your Android device.

Simply click on the “UPDATE.bat”  and wait for the update to complete, your game is updated.

How to Choose the Pokemon Infinite Fusion version?

There are many versions and files which are to download to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion. It can be a matter of great confusion for newcomers to choose and download which folder out of all these. So here is a short guide, download the most suitable version for you.

Dynamic Version (infinitefusion_dynamic_x.x.x-full – Recommended): The dynamic is highly recommended as it has the full game and downloads the custom sprites automatically that are required as per your gameplay. If you are a newbie and confused pick this version. This version also keeps you online while playing the game.

Preloaded Version (infinitefusion_preloaded_x.x.x-full): The preloaded version has its own pros and cons. This version also has a full game but you are to download the pokemon sprites pack when you download the game. This version won’t load sprites automatically and you can download it from our official website. Keep in mind that you have to download almost  200,000 image files which can affect your device performance. Only choose this version when you have a powerful gaming computer or you don’t want to play online.

Patch Version (infinitefusion_x.x.x-patch): This version is used to update your game to the new version. You must have any of the above full versions downloaded and installed on your device to apply this patch. Download this version if you want to update your existing version.

You can download Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.2 latest version directly from this link https://pokemoninfinitefusions.us/download/. It is an unofficial release so make sure to download it from the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Official website. 

Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.2 is the latest version and most versions updated as of now. Download it from our https://pokemoninfinitefusions.us/download/ and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience.

Yes, you can play Pokemon Infinite Fusion using an emulator. Make sure to download the mobile or dynamic version of the game because the game will load sprites when needed the game, otherwise, thousands of sprites will disturb your mobile performance as thousands of graphics files will be downloaded. The recommended emulator for Pokemon Infinite Fusion is joiplay.

Yes, you can download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion macOS version from this website, and enjoy the game.

There are not any official declared system requirements for Pokemon Infinite Fusion however just as this game is built on RPG Maker, so here are approximate system requirements to run the game. Remember these are general requirements your PC performance can change scenario.

  • Operating System: Windows (XP, 7,8,10)
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM minimum.
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics or any graphic card supporting DirectX9.
  • Storage: Minimum 300 MB available space.