How to Install Pokemon Infinite Fusion

How to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion

How to Install Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion installation is somewhat tricky to install however if you follow this guide step by step, it can be a matter of seconds. If you are following any issue regarding the installation of the pokemon game, this article would definitely work for you. This is a complete article on how to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Here is the step-by-step guide. Images of all the installation steps process are attached here for your ease.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installation Steps

Here is a summary of the steps you must follow while installing Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your computer.

  • First, install Pokemon infinite Fusion Installer, and download it from the download page.
  • Secondly, Install Pokemon Fusion App Installer (By Megaman). Pokemon Infinite Fusion App will start working on your PC.
  • Thirdly you need to install the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game by using and opening the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App.
  • Fourthly, when the game is installed, you know, the Pokemon game uses thousands of sprites that are graphical presentations of Pokemon game Characters. there are two ways to access and load the sprites in the game.
  • Open the game as preloaded.
  • Load custom sprites so your game will automatically load the required sprites.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer

  • Visit to download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion installer.
  • Click on the download button and wait on the page until downloading is finished.
  • Navigate to the download folder and find the .zip latest downloaded file.
  • The game will get started automatically.
  • To start the in future click “/infinitefusion-e18/Game.exe.”

I have installed Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer (Console Based), what to do next? Set up Pokemon Infinite Fusion app

Pokemon Infinite Fusion App Installer (Graphically)

This guide is about the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App installer by Megaman, which can be downloaded from this website’s download page. This step is crucial when learning how to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer by Megaman from our website and remain on the page while downloading is in progress.

Navigate to your download folder and find the latest zip file.

Right click on the zip file and select Extract All.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installation Guide

A pop window will show up and click Extract again.

Pookem Infinite Fusion Game install 6.1

Now you will see the extracted folder, open the folder.

Check out the PokemonInfiniteFusionInstaller.exe file.

How to find pokemon file

Enable Quick Access To the App.

Right-click on PokemonInfiniteFusionInstaller.exe and select Show Options.

Select Pin to the taskbar.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installation

Now you can access the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App quickly from your taskbar.

Your taskbar will appear like this. 

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Task Bar

I have installed Pokemon Infinite Fusion App (Megman), what to do next? Installed Game now

Installation of Game Using App

Open the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App from the taskbar and  Click on the Install button and then the Installation menu. 

Pokemon infinite Fusion App Installation

It will lead to the “Browse” button, click on it.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion App Installation

Browse the location where you want to install the game, we have already created a folder for you named “InfiniteFusionGame”.

You should install the game on the Desktop because the game needs read/write access.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Select Folder

Click on the “Install” button.

Infinite Fusion App Instalation

A memory reminder will pop up and select “Yes” if you have the required space on your computer.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Required Memory

A commander prompt will open during the installation process, Light Weight Installer is used to install the game.

Command Prompt Pokemon

Wait for installation to complete, a confirmation message will appear when it is done.

Pokemon App Installation Confirmation

Click Play and enjoy.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Play the Game

I have installed Pokemon Infinite game, what to do next? Set up Pokemon Sprites now

How to Install Custom Sprites?

Here is step by step guide to install custom Sprites that can be downloaded from the download page of this website. Here is How to install custom Sprites, part of How to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game.

Open the App from the taskbar, a Black screen will open on your PC, and select the sprite Menu.

Select Install Custom Sprites or similar option.

Just as we have followed the installation procedure, your graphics folder may automatically be linked. If the folder is not linked click on the Browse Folder and select your graphics folder from the game.

Custom Sprite Installation

A memory reminder will pop up Click yes if you have required memory.

Pokemon Sprite Installation

Just like game installation a command prompt will open up while the installation process of Pokemon sprites is in progress.

Pokemon infinite Fusion Sprite Installation

What to do when the Installation of Sprites is Complete?

After the Sprite installation, the command prompt will close and a message will open this message.  Game.exe will also open automatically, leave it as it is, this is a very important step.

Pokemon Installation Notification

Now a black screen will appear. Between 118k – 330k sprites are being imported into your PC, be patient and wait for more or less 15 minutes, depending on how fast your PC is.

Pokemon Sprites loading

Press Enter from your keyboard on the Intro Screen and press Enter as well on the title screen.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Intro Screen

A message will appear showing 120,110 imported sprites. The number of imported Pokemon Sprites will increase over time.

121110 Pokemon Sprite Loading

Press the Enter button and now the game is ready to Play.

Pokemon Ready to play

How to Setup Preloaded Sprites?

Open the Pokemon Infinite Fusion App installer. Click on the Setting Option.

Select the Preloaded option from Settings.

How to setup preloaded sprites

Pokemon Infinite Fusion App will display a message when you click on the checkbox whether you are missing any sprites.

Are you missing preloaded sprites

While installing the Preloaded Sprites, you will receive a notice again letting you know to select an alternate and steadfast Sprites installation option instead of installing everything.

Setting Up preloaded sprites

Anything to change in the game Settings while setting up preloaded?

Yes, you need to turn off an option from setting to work preloaded properly.

Pokemon infinite Fusions Settings

When you save a new file, make sure to turn off this option from settings as well.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Setting

This is the complete guide on how to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your PC, and how to set up Pokemon Custom sprites and Preloaded. YOu can easily install Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your PC and set up the all game settings.

Not at all, you do not need to load sprites monthly but all new sprites will be loaded every month.

Use the Preloaded option If you think that your PC can’t handle Game.exe  or you want to play the game offline.

Preloaded can make the game slow because it configures the built-in game and loads preloaded sprites from your computer instead of getting them from the internet.

You need to install all 330k sprites (4 GB) by using the App installer to make Preloeded work. 

There are two ways of sprites loading, custom and preloaded, preloaded makes your game work better because most of the sprites are all on your PC no need to load thousands of sprites from the internet, create folders in your PC, and arrange them in the folder.

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