Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that creates infinite fusions of your beloved Pokemon. The game is multi-facet you need to configure it completely to enjoy full access and freedom. One step is to download and configure the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer.

Every pokemon has its own unique identity such as moves, abilities, and nature. These characteristics make every pokemon stand out from all other pokemon. All pokemon have a graphical representation from which players identify them. These graphical representations are Sprites, which can be installed via Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer

Why use Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer?

Downloading multiple Sprites files can be annoying many times.   Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites are thousands in number and are being updated, and new sprites are added every month. you do not have to download sprites individually when Using this sprite installer. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer will install all Pokemon Fusion sprites directly in the game folder. This article will solve all your issues while using Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer. This guide also helps how to update pokemon sprites every month.

There are two steps to set up Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer.

  • First Step: Installation of Sprites using the installer.
  • Second Step: Method of game preparation.

Installation of the Sprites Using Installer

Now open the extracted folder, and double-click on megamanSpriteInstaller.


Click on the Browse Graphics Folder option that will lead you to browse the folder from the game folder, and click Select Folder.

Browse Graphics Folder

Select Install Sprites.

Select Install Sprites

A reminder prompt will appear if you want to continue, ensure the required space is available.

Memory Prompt

After that prompt, you will see a black window, depending on your internet and computer speed, the waiting time can be 5-30 minutes, so wait for it.

Black Window

The black window will automatically be closed when it is done and you will get this message on your screen.

At the same time the game will open, LET THE GAME OPEN, however you may close the installer.


Preparing the Game

When the installer is configured properly, it will open Game.exe automatically. Game.exe is opened to index sprites quickly.

A black screen will appear, kudos, you have imported around 330k sprites. Keep patience up to 5-15 minutes for this, the waiting time differs, based on your computer speed.


Press the Enter button when the Intro screen appears, then Press Enter on the title screen.

Press Enter

You will be prompted that 114,955 sprites are imported, Increasing with time.

114,955 sprites

Again Press Enter, Well done,  your sprites are imported.

sprites are imported.

Setting Up Preloded Sprites

If you want to play  Pokemon Infinite Fusion offline without challenging friends, or your device is upgraded, you need to set up preloaded.

Close Game.exe and Open Game-preloaded.

Open Game-preloaded

Again, you will get a black screen, but the waiting is not that long, Menu will pop up, and select Options.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer

Remember to turn OFF the download sprites, otherwise Preloaded won’t work when this option is ON.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer

Your Game is set up, Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites Installer.

 Final Words

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer works to install Pokemon Infinite Sprites. Sprites are the lifeline of the game. The above article is divided into two parts, one focuses on how to install Pokemon Infinite Fusions Sprites using the installer and then setting up the sprites in the games which includes sprites loading. Finally, you can learn about how to load preloaded sprites while having Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites Installer!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is words of astonishing experiences, that help its trainers explore innovative face of the game. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer is easy to set up, with all images.

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